restructuring the blog

This week, I read through Jake’s review of my blog. Although he enjoyed the clean and minimalistic design of the blog, his main critique was on the content of the blog and how narrow and limiting it is.

Although it’s a little late in the semester, I absolutely agree with his comments.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been struggling (again) with what I want to post on this blog. While I do still want to post my school notes, I feel like I could flesh out the website with more “stuff” and make the blog more useful to a wider range of people. So, over the past week, I finally took the leap and began fleshing out the other pages on this blog.

Behold — the first post on my “resource” page! As the weeks go by, I’ll begin filling out this section of the blog with more general tips and tricks for the average student: organization systems, calligraphy 101, studying tips. I’d love to do stationery hauls from different stores like Daiso, Muji, and more, because it combines my love of shopping with my love of stationery. I’d love to do pen reviews and notebook reviews as well.

While my notes were the foundation of this blog, I think it’s about time to start growing my content and really thinking about where I want to take it in the future.

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