marketing and data

In today’s lecture, we were asked to go to to take a look at the profile that Google had compiled about us for personalized advertising. When I went to check what my profile said, I saw that Google had my gender and age range — and that was it. And that’s how I like it. While I wouldn’t say I’m paranoid about my data and privacy online, it’s definitely something that concerns me. Given the choice during set up, I always turn personalized advertising off.

Now that I’m on the flip side though, I can see why marketing and data mining can be so important. It can help guide what content is posted and what is actually relevant to users. I’ve sort of been going about this whole blog business in a haphazard manner, with inconsistent posting times and inconsistent content. I’ve particularly dropped the ball when it comes to the Instagram I made to accompany this blog. Although I know, especially with Instagram, that posting time can be crucial, I keep posting at midnight and early morning hours, where my content is most likely being buried under others come morning.

I think it’s important to strike that balance between privacy and data, but I feel as if I’m struggling with that. With marketing and data collection, it sometimes feels like it’s everything or nothing, especially when it comes to Google, Google Analytics, and their whole media empire.

It’s tough to say what will happen in the future concerning data and big data, but I can say for sure that a career in marketing and/or analytics is not for me!

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