reviewing “Pluto”

This week, I reviewed Felix’s website, Pluto.

What I liked

I was very impressed with the website. I think Felix did a really great job constructing his website to appeal to his audience. Fashion, photography, and beauty are all heavily visual, so his use of a photo gallery as his homepage was a very smart choice. The user (who would be interested in either fashion, photography, or beauty) is then free to browse through the gorgeous and striking photos that populate the front page, and pick whichever one suits their fancy. The background is a really chic, sophisticated pink, and the branding of the website is consistent overall. I also really love the blog name and tagline.

This blog is really unique compared to many blogs I’ve encountered. I love the element of curation that Felix has injected into the blog through careful selection of the photographer or artist. As a reader, I could really tell he has a passion for these things.

What could be improved

There are a couple places I think he could improve in. The main area I feel he could improve in is the length of the blog posts themselves. I think the photo to text ratio is skewed too much in the direction of photographs. Despite being quite interested in what Felix has to say on the background and concepts of the photographs, I feel as if I’m not getting enough information, especially considering that this blog is meant to highlight photographers and designers who are underrated. Although I can understand that the constraints of being a student, as well as the sheer amount of effort it takes to research and cite all his sources would be, I think it would be beneficial in the long run.

The other area I feel could be improved is the organization of his blog into categories. While understandably, the content of his blog tends to mix and cross categories, I feel like it might be repetitive to the reader to go through the categories and realize that they’ve seen the same post over and over again. Overall, I feel like it might be better to have more restricted barriers for content.

Finally, I’m not sure that putting his Instagram account under the about page is the best thing to do. It’s not a very intuitive place to put it. A better place would be his sidebar, or embedded within the text of the about page. Along the same vein, the metallic and hard edged design of the Instagram logo in the footer clashes with the rest of his blog.


Felix has done an amazing job creating a blog around something that he’s passionate about. The aesthetics of the blog are strong and consistent, and are appealing to the audience he is marketing towards. He’s created a his own type of public, with his own digital identity and infrastructure. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in the future.

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