expanding my channels

I have already begun incorporating transmedia into my blog through starting my Instagram page. I just recently got my first follower, which I’m really stoked about! I post fairly regularly, and I take only the most beautiful photos from my blog and repost it there. My Instagram is linked to my blog, so it could drive people who are interested in those photos to come to this site too.

I also toyed with the idea of starting a YouTube channel as well. It takes me an hour at the very least to do even the most basic spread, so I was considering utilizing that time in a better way. I could set up a fixed position camera that reflects just my hands and the paper itself, and then upload that to YouTube with some relaxing, royalty-free music. It would be a more effective use of my time, and I could expand the range of my content as well. It could be a “Study With Me” kind of thing, similar to the way some people to “Get Ready With Me” on YouTube.

In a similar vein, maybe I can use Twitch in a similar way, except it would be live and streamed rather than recorded.

Tumblr could be an interesting avenue to explore as well, particularly because the idea of “study blogging” originated from Tumblr. Originally, a study blog was called a studyblr, which combines the word study and Tumblr. However, my only fear with that is that because Tumblr is also a blogging platform, my Tumblr would end up looking the same as this blog.

I don’t think Twitter would be an effective use of my energy at all. Not only is it difficult for non-celebrities to gain traction, but Twitter is also more of a text-based platform than a visual one. As most of my posts tend to be biased towards images, Twitter is not the right platform for this blog and the content I produce.

These channels are all interesting and engaging ways to engage an audience that I would love to explore at another time. For now, I think I’ll just focus on perfecting the content for this blog and my Instagram.

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