this is goodbye

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially if you’ve read through the reflections on my experience as a blogger. This will be my last post for this blog.

Back in the beginning of the course, I think I selected a topic that was far too narrow, which I did come to regret a little. Of course, because this blog was created for a class, I couldn’t just change my blog theme that willy-nilly. Regardless, it’s been a hell of an online journey, but I think I’ve really come to appreciate just how much work goes into being an online blogger. So I just want to take a moment and shout out some of the online creators that I really love.

If you liked this blog, you’ll definitely love the blog Boho Berry. Boho Berry was really my initiation into the whole bullet journal/stationery/lettering world. She has tutorials that are really friendly and comprehensive. She also has tons of free resources for spreads, lettering, organization systems, and whatnot. Also, she’s been doing this for a really long time. Yeah. She knows what she’s doing.

Amanda Rach Lee on YouTube also has some really wonderful and aesthetically pleasing videos. Again, she posts about bullet journalling, productivity, has some amazing stationery hauls, and recently just launched her own journal line! We support!

Deviating just slightly from the stationery/bullet journal theme, I also want to shout out Once Upon a Chef. I love cooking and baking in my spare time, and I love these types of mom and pop online blogs, because they have the best recipes. Have you ever tried a recipe from Allrecipes? Bleh. They turn out well maybe once in a blue moon. I have never had an issue with the recipes posted on Once Upon a Chef, and they’ll be my go-to cooking blog until I die.

Having now given you a brief glimpse of the many, many, many awesome blogs and creators on the internet, you might be asking: What will I do afterwards?

While this might be my last post on this blog, but you definitely haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll definitely be playing with creating more content on the Instagram page that I created to pair with this blog, so be sure to follow me there. Maybe I’ll pop up again as a book review blog. Maybe I’ll start a DIY blog. Maybe I’ll finally start preparing an online portfolio. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

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