community guidelines

Some basic rules to follow when browsing or using this site. They’re not hard to follow. Just be a decent human being.

  1. Be civil to each other. Attacks on race, gender, ethnicity, and beliefs will not be tolerated here. Disagreements are fine, but harassment and hate speech are not.
  2. Please don’t steal my photos. If you would like to use them, please ask first. Nine times out of ten, I’ll say yes.
  3. Don’t spam in the comments. Seriously, just don’t.
  4. Comments will be removed at my own discretion.
  5. I am not accountable for misinformation within the notes itself. If you fail a test due to a mistake that you got off this website, that is at your own discretion. If you are confused by course content, please clarify with the instructor.

Although I try to moderate the site as best as I can, some things will slip through the cracks. If you notice any violations of these guidelines, please feel free to contact me privately.